Construction Accidents

Construction accident law deals with the personal injury and wrongful death cases resulting from construction accidents, as well as the safety laws, regulations and standards governing the construction industry. Whether on a small project for an individual homeowner, or for a major commercial developer, construction workers must deal with some of the most dangerous working conditions faced by employees in any industry.
As a result, serious work-related injuries at construction sites occur with an unfortunate frequency. These accidents can result from the negligence of others, faulty construction equipment; defective products; defective machines; inadequate safety or equipment training, as well as negligent or reckless co-workers.
Despite important efforts to deal with the challenge of construction site safety, accidents occur and will undoubtedly continue to occur, due to both the nature of the work itself and the variety of hazards faced by construction workers. These hazards can include falls from scaffolds and other elevations, being struck by moving or falling machinery, electrocution, health hazards resulting from exposure to asbestos and chemicals or injuries caused by defective or unreasonably unsafe construction equipment.
Various entities may be liable for construction accidents. 
They include the construction site owner, architects and engineering professionals, contractors, construction managers, and manufacturers of construction machinery or equipment.
If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of a construction accident, the first step in your legal recovery is to meet with an experienced New York Accident or Personal Injury attorney to discuss the situation.

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